Bobcat Bite, Santa Fe NM


When Joel and I heard that a restaurant near his house in Santa Fe had “arguably the best hamburger in the world”, it was only right that we would have to test that argument out for ourselves. Therefore after a healthy and reviving day at the spa, Joel and I made our way to Bobcat Bite for one of their signature burgers.


We’d heard that the green chile cheeseburger was the burger to order so Joel and I both got one with a side of pasta salad and skillet baked beans. Bobcat Bites does not make fries, which was no problem for us — we were there for the house-raised, 50-year-old-stovetop-grilled beef.


At first, I wasn’t sure about the burger.  I felt as though the cheese ands chillies overwhelmed the meat itself, so I made a bold move and pushed off the toppings. Under all those toppings, was the famed 50+ year old skillet taste we’d heard about. It was so amazingly flavorful that I wished I could fit another one in my stomach. It was at that point that we agreed with the awards and arguments.


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