Cafe Pasqual’s, Santa Fe NM


Not having had our fill of Mexican food yet, Joel and I headed to Cafe Pasqual’s on The Plaza for breakfast. Cafe Pasqual’s is known for their fresh and organic way of cooking so this seemed like a perfect fit for us.


After starting out with a perfectly spicy Chai Latte, I searched high and low for enchiladas (none on their breakfast menu), and therefore decided upon the Chorizo Burrito. It was filled with plenty of fresh and spicy house made chorizo, potatoes, scrambled eggs, beans and avocados and topped with jack cheese as well as some of the spiciest red chile I’d tasty yet. It hit the spot on all levels.

Joel’s selection was that of a Breakfast Quesadilla — whole wheat tortillas filled with cheese, guacamole and eggs with a side of their delectable home made chorizo. It too hit the spot with it’s cooling guacamole, after my red hot red chile!


What breakfast is complete without dessert? We opted to get the cafe’s home made cookie selection which included a spectacular fudge cookie, a sweet date bar rolled in fresh granola and chocolate macadamia nut bark. Along with cookies, we also got a scoop of their fresh strawberry and balsalmic vinegar ice cream — swirled layers of sweeetned reduced vinegar and chunks of real strawberries. What a way to end an impressive meal.


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