Santa Fe Vacation (Part 2)


Vacation! Our big day out was Wednesday — a road trip with several stops and sights. We hit the road early and headed North. There were three stops for the day, the first being a great overlook in a town called White Rock. There was a stunning, panoramic view of the Rio Grande River. Next we headed to Bandolier National Monument, which provided a great hike along Frijoles Canyon. There are ladders to investigate excavated archeological sites, ending in a great climb to a hidden alcove. A fantastic hike!


Last, we headed to Los Alamos — a must for Sharon! The historic Manhattan Project was located here, where the Atom Bomb was created. We drove slowly into the mesa-top town, and headed straight to the Bradbury Science Museum to find out more. There was a great film about the history of the project as well as full-sized replicas of both bombs used in WWII. After spending about 1 hour in the museum we were scienced-out and headed home. We decided to make a quick stop at Shidoni before calling a night, seeing lots of large sculptures and art.


Hungry from sight-seeing, we went into downtown Santa Fe the following morning for a delicious breakfast at Cafe Pasqual’s. My all-organic Breakfast Quesadilla was hearty and delicious, filled with cheese and guacamole. We then spent the afternoon shopping around The Plaza, and Sharon scored a few great finds for her jewelry. Since the weather was nice, the pool beckoned us over for the rest of the afternoon and we soaked up some sun in between swimming laps.


Auberge (where we are getting married) had opened a resort last fall in Santa Fe and we decided to investigate. Not too far from Zocalo, we went to Encantado for margaritas and “Smokin’ Nachos” with a perfect sunset backdrop. The complete menu looked tantalizing and we pondered returning on our next visit to try out some other seasonal food.


We closed out the week with some more grilling and relaxing by the pool. Sharon finished her 125th homemade margarita Saturday night — she really enjoyed them all week long. Sad to leave, we slowly packed up the place and headed back to NYC. A great vacation!


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