Sharon visits Wine Country (Part 1)


After a 2 week vacation in Santa Fe with Joel, I returned home only to turn right back around. I headed out to Wine Country, California for a quick visit with the family, The Healdsburg Jazz Festival, some wedding planning and of course — wine tasting!


On our way up north from San Fransisco, my dad and I made a quick stop in Oakland to meet with Joel and I’s potential photographer. Soon thereafter we were back on the road towards Napa Valley where we pulled over at Gloria Ferrer. We had some amazing champagne and spicy nuts to accompany them — and sent my sister, Jessica, pictures hoping to make her jealous (I think we did, as that is her favorite winery). It was a beautiful day with lovely views of Wine Country but we had to get going, there was jazz to be seen that night!


After a beautiful drive through Napa Valley and Knight’s Valley, my dad and I arrived at the house my parents had rented for 2 1/2 weeks in Alexander Valley.  The house was perfect — nestled amongst Soda Rock Vineyards, it came with a salt water pool, and organic garden for our purusal as well as a few sheep! However, all those things aside, and most importnatly — the house was within walking distance to my all time favorite place: Jimtown Store. In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, Jimtown Store put out my favorite cookbook —  The Jimtown Store Cookbook. To say the least, I was psyched and we made several trips there thoughout the vacation.


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