Ravenous, Healdsburg CA


A trip to Healdsburg, in Sonoma County, California, is not complete without a visit to the fantastic restaurant Ravenous. So I did exactly that on my most recent trip out West to Wine Country.

Ravenous is the kind of restaurant where the menu changes everyday according to what is fresh, seasonal and available that day. My kind of place! — and I’m never disappointed with the selections. The menu choices for my last visit included a beautiful, fresh halibut with a green garlic pesto, braised sort ribs and mashed potatoes, stuffed poblano peppers as well as several house made desserts and breads.

My choice was the halibut — the pesto was the selling point for me, I will never ever pass up anything containing green garlic; the freshest of freshest ingredients you can get. It was delicious to say the least. Paired with light basmati rice and grilled vegetables, it was a feast for my eyes and mouth. To end the meal, I chose the delicious and house made cherry pavlova with sweet cherry ice cream and whole cherries. It was refreshing and sweet, the perfect end to a perfect meal.

Ravenous makes you feel like you’re at home, espeically since the restaurant is built into an old house. The food is so fresh and never dissapointing. The decor is homey and simple. I highly recommend  visit to this beautiful restautrant to try the ever changing seasonal menu. It’s the best of the best!


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