Sharon visits Wine Country (Part 2)


After settling into the house at Soda Rock, my mother and I enjoyed some fabulous cocktails and food, yet terrible service, at Cyrus’s bar. We had an interesting amuse bouche’s — beer and pretzels.  This being Cyrus, they were no ordinary beer and pretzels. The beer was actually a small gelatinous ball filled with a white beer and the pretzels were actually tiny bites of pretzel bread. We were both amused and delighted with the flavors. My mom and I had several plates including local baby beets with goat cheese (a favorite meal of mine) as well as a super rich Waygu beef. If only the service had been as stellar as the food, it would have been a perfect evening.


Next up —  the Healsdburg Farmers Market. We woke up as early as we could all manage after jet lag and went ‘into town’. We weaved through the isles of what I’d consider the best farmers market I’ve been to. Talk about local, organic farming. The isles smelled of fresh garlic, lettuce greens, house made chorizo, cherries and blackberries. We were also lucky to stumble upon DaVero Olive Oil which had recently been named one of the top 5 olive oils in the world — it was grown right down the road! Needless to say we bought several bottles of the tastiest, organically grown olive oil I’ve ever had. I also picked up as many organic baby beets as I could carry from another favorite — Preston Vineyards. Aside from producing fantastic wines, they keep organic gardens. After some light shopping ‘in town’, we headed home to prepare for a great night of jazz with Randy Weston.


The rest of my vacation consisted of enjoying local foods and sipping some of the best wines in the world. We enjoyed meals at the always perfect Ravenous as well as Willi’s in Healdsburg. It was hard to come home empty handed so I trolled through our house’s organic garden and gathered some local, fresh summer vegetables.


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