Taylor’s Automatic Refresher, Napa Valley, CA


A definite stop in Napa Valley is the famous Taylor’s Automatic Refresher — it boasts one of the best hamburgers in the US. And as you may have read previously, Joel and I tried out the other contender for “Best Burger in America” at Bobcat Bites. Having tried both now I can say that Taylor’s cheeseburger is my favorite. The burgers are made from the ever delicious Niman Ranch beef and cooked to perfection. Topped with American cheese, lettuce and pickles then placed on a perfectly grilled egg bun, it does not disappoint. The burger is juicy and oh-so-flavorful.

Aside from the best burgers America has to offer, Taylor’s serves up amazing and super spicy fish tacos. They are made with grilled Mahi Mahi that has been marinated in spices and topped with a cilantro-jalapeno sour cream that provides yet another kick with the jalapenos but cools them down with cilantro.


Each day a new shake is featured. While I visited, a mango shake was the special — so a mango shake is what I ordered. It was so refreshing and gratifying, I had to fight off my family!

As if the fantastic wines and lovely scenery aren’t enough to coax you out to Napa Valley, Taylor’s Automatic refresher offers another option and it’s well worth the trip. And since it’s located in Wine Country, you can sip on an oaky, light Chardonnay while you savor a juicy burger!


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