The Big Apple BBQ, Madison Square Park, NYC


It was Sunday morning here in NYC and what else could I be thinking about other than BBQ? Good thing that The Big Apple BBQ was going on at Madison Square Park! Joel and I got ourselves ready and headed uptown to visit Danny Meyer’s annual block party.

The Big Apple BBQ boasts some of the best pitmasters in the country, all in one spot. Although pulled pork seems to be what the majority of the pitmasters bring, there is some beef ribs to be had. And being that there are so many choices, we had to make a game plan of who’s BBQ deemed worthy of our consumption.

First off, my choice — Pappy’s Smokehouse for some of Skip Steele’s St. Louis style ribs and beans. I wanated to like his ribs, but at $8 a plate, I want ribs with some meat on them, not huge chunks of fat. It just s happened that I ended up with a fatty piece and not enough meat so I can’t say that I enjoyed Pappy’s ribs.

Next up, Joel’s choice — Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint for pulled pork and sweet pickles, a favorite meal of Joel’s. The meat was from a whole hog and there ain’t nothing wrong with that! It was topped with the sweet pickles and a colorful and crunchy coleslaw and served on a soft white bun. It was delicious; the meat was tender and smokey, just what you want from pulled pork.

After milling about the park, seeing what merchandise and BBQ sauces were up for sale, Joel and I made a strange yet awesome discovery — Billy Mays! Yes — I did get my picture with him, he is very big and no, he’s not as loud and excited about BBQ as he is about Oxi Clean.


Almost at our stuffed point, we made our way to one more pitmaster’s truck —Ed Mitchell’s ‘The Pit”.  We were served another whole hog pulled pork sandwich. It was amazing (!) to say the least. We pulled away the bread and went straight for the gloriously tender, spicy, vinegar laced pork — no BBQ sauce here! It was the best BBQ by far that we’d had that day.


Who wouldn’t enjoy BBQ for beakfast? Joel and I did thouroughly! Another amazing meal courtesy of Danny Meyer. Finally, a word to the wise — get there early or you’ll be waiting hours.


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