Phoenix, 6/18 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY


Sharon I headed out to Brooklyn late Thursday night to see one of our favorite French acts — Phoenix — at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. I’ve been a fan ever since their first album “United”. There were lots of overlaps between the band and other French electronica acts — largely due to the fact Phoenix’s guitarist was in a short-lived band called Darlin’ with the duo that formed Daft Punk.


Opening for Phoenix was Lightspeed Champion from the UK. Very melodic, and, at times, quite dreamy sounding, we counted the minutes until Phoenix took the stage. They ended with a cover of Tears for Fears’ “Head over Heels” that was skillfully played and finished the set.


Phoenix came out and were incredible. Many songs highlighted the excellent new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, with a grand build up around “Love Like a Sunset”. After cycling through other hits like “If I Ever Feel Better” and “Lisztomania” the crowd demanded an encore after the main set was finished. The band happily obliged and played “1901” and “Too Young” with lead singer Thomas Mars taking to the crowd. A great show, cannot wait to see them again!


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