Je Suis le Parti!


This past Wednesday, I met with my good friend Rachel for some catch up time — between the trips to New Mexico and California, concerts, and cleaning house, I haven’t had much time to go out and this dinner was long overdue. Rachel and I decided upon Frankie’s 17, on Clinton St. in the Lower East Side. The menu is pretty limited so it didn’t take long before we made our decisions. Rachel had heard that their steak was amazing so she went for the slow roasted rib eye which was served cold and with a HEAPING amount of olive oil. I don’t know about you but I like my steak nice and simple, not drenched in olive oil.

I chose a more typically Italian dish — house made gnocchi marinara with fresh ricotta. The gnocchi were fluffy and airy, and the sweet, fresh ricotta was a delectable compliment to the saltiness of the freshly grated Parmesan topping the dish.


After dinner, Rachel and I walked over to Loreley’s — a German restaurant and, more importantly, a Biergarten smack in the middle of Manhattan. We met up with Joel and some of his friends and enjoyed quite a few sizable beers (Liters!) as well as some interesting conversations ranging from French party terms to vacuum cleaners in a box as art. A fun night had by all, maybe too much fun with work looming at 7am the next day…


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