Summer Cookin’


Summer is here, complete with sticky humidity and sunshine — well, at least a few patches here and there for us New Yorkers! Sharon has been loving the selection of vegetables that the season has ushered in, while I enjoy all the benefits. From her trip to Napa, she brought back fresh zucchinis, garlic, beets and olive oil. They all melded especially well in the above pasta dish, which was absolutely light, clean and delicious.


Another great combination Sharon made this week was an eggplant “gratin” — layered with roasted eggplant, summer squash and goat cheese baked together. Served over a fantastic home made Romesco sauce and a side of fresh baguette, it was another perfect summer plate.


This weekend was a serving of crispy quesadillas, from mashed black beans, red cabbage soaked in lime juice and shredded pepper jack cheese. Sharon whipped up three sides — cilantro rice, roasted corn and sauteed fresh zucchinis with garlic and cilantro.

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy!


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