July 4th Weekend in Chicago (Part 1)

chicago1 1

Sharon and I visited my family this July 4 weekend in Chicago. We had fun from the second we landed late Wednesday all the way through leaving Monday afternoon. Our first highlight was stopping at Walker Bros. Original Pancake house Thursday morning on the way downtown. While my Aunt ordered a legendary Apple Pancake, Sharon enjoyed the unique Bacon Pancakes — and they were served exactly as you imagine. Chopped up bacon infused into the batter and served up in giant, round flapjacks.

chicago1 2

We arrived downtown to look at the new wing of the Art Institute. A stunning addition to the already massive museum, we wandered through each floor slowly. I really thought the curator did a great job initiating the viewer to each movement in the past 150+ years, and showed how artists clearly influenced each other. One of my favorites, Magritte’s ‘Time Transfixed’ hung proudly. There was also a great contemporary showing, as well as dedicated rooms for architecture and design. The tour ended on the roof with a stunning view of downtown and Millennium Park.

We walked around the park for a bit, seeing all the giant public works —  Cloud Gate and The Crown Fountain. Everything was so interesting and fun! We headed back home to greet sister Beth’s arrival and enjoy some fantastic Lou Malnati’s pizza with pepperoni. Another adventure tomorrow!


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