Pinche Taqueria, Nolita NYC


We have tried many of the restaurants here in NYC and some stand out more than the rest. Pinche Taqueria is one of those places. Although the restaurant is super small, a ton of flavor comes from their tiny kitchen. Being a small place has it’s advantages; Joel and I sat down and were served right away. We snacked on chips and house-made salsas — one of which was the hottest thing I’ve ever tried. EVER. Thank goodness our delicious food wasn’t far behind.


Pinche prides itself on making everything from fresh, not canned ingredients — and you can taste it. I ordered my standard Mexican food: fish tacos. Joel ordered the Torta Carnitas with their freshly in-house smoked pork. Both plates were exceptional! My fish tacos were so moist and crispy and the guacamole on top had an almost sweet hint to it which really brightened up the flavor of the fish. Joel’s torta was unbelievable. It was smokey, sweet, and spicy all at the same time. The texture was so vastly different in each layer, only making the sandwich profile more interesting.

Every time I get a hankering for fish tacos, we are headed to Pinche Taqueria! Just writing this is making my mouth water — off we go!


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