Hungry Mother, Cambridge MA


While in Boston this week, I was able to meet up with my friend Adrian for a bite and catch up. I asked him for a place to eat, and his suggestion was Hungry Mother — the sustainable, local, organic eatery in Kendall Square, Cambridge. The menu looked fantastic, and the 2-story converted apartment smelled even better upon arrival.

I decided to start with the delicious No. 43 cocktail, ready to set the pace of the meal. It didn’t disappoint — Rye, Port, Maple Syrup and Bitters blended sweet and went down smooth. We then went all out ordering a set of small bites, appetizers as well as main dishes AND sides!


For me the highlights were the Smoked Sunburst Trout and my main dish — The Grilled Local Bluefish with new potatoes, HM bacon, collard salad, and smoked tomato jam. I loved how fresh all the seafood I tried was and these 2 dishes were both served perfectly. The trout was smoky and sweet with a soy-buttermilk dressing. The bluefish paired perfectly with the savory, and also smoky, tomato mash that had thick bacon accents.

The side of baked cheesy grits with ham also delighted, although it was hard to fit any more of the delicious food. A Fantastic meal with wonderful company, it was a truly special evening.


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