Summer Cookin’ (Part 2)


Summer is in full swing and Sharon is cooking up a storm these days with all the fresh, abundant ingredients! Above is a stuffed ripe tomato with goat cheese and herbs.


This delicious package was snapper with a number of julienned veggies — potatoes, carrots, leeks and garlic. En pappiotte!


Home made CLAM CHOWDER. Yes, those are bacon pieces and dribbles of Tabasco sauce on top. Fantastic!


We keep seeing these zucchinis week after week at the store. This was a HOME MADE pasta dish with sautéed zucchinis and fresh ricotta cheese from Brooklyn.


Radicchio and sliced mango salad, with local mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. Another new favorite — full of summer ingredients!


Sweet corn and onions brought home from Chicora, PA mixed with poblano peppers and sour cream. Shrimp added in. So spicy and delicious!


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