3-Wheelers and Ginny’s


This past weekend Joel and I met up with my parents, brother and sister in Pittsburgh, PA to visit my grandparents. We started the weekend off right with a trip to The Strip District, in downtown Pittsburgh with my sister. After a parking spot searching for about 20 minutes, we finally found one right next to our destination — Primanti’s Brothers Restaurant, for over-sized sandwiches complete with homemade french fries ON the sandwich. Yep, on it. Sounds wrong, but it is so right.

After a bit of shopping for Steelers gear, we made our way up north to Butler County, PA, to meet up with the rest of the family and see my grandparents for the first time in a year. On our way, we picked up another PA necessity — Genesse Cream Ale, or as the few who are fluent in Pittsburghese call it, Ginny’s. After several beers and some catch up conversation we made our way back to the B&B we all stayed at, ready for our next day in the country.

Saturday was spent exploring my grandparents massive property and of course — 3-wheelin’!!! No trip to my grandparents is complete without some doughnuts on the 3-wheeler.


A great, relaxing weekend was had by all. We ended it by picking up some freshly picked, local sweet corn and onions the size of my head. Lucky for Joel (or not) everything we eat for the next week will contain onions. Who doesn’t like country exploring?!


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