Splendido Restaurant, Toronto CANADA


While in Toronto, Joel and I were hoping to have some good food, unlike our previous trip to Canada’s Montreal. And we did at Splendido — the food was excellent. They use local, fresh ingredients which always makes me happy.

I started off with a lovely chilled corn soup with small prawns and Canadian peaches — it was so amazing and just sweet enough that I would have made it my next two courses if I could have. Joel tried the oysters three ways and was fairly happy with them but he loves a good old plain oyster and these were topped with horseradish and cucumber foam.

Second course for me was the smoked Yorkshire pork belly. I’m not sure that I’ll ever say anything bad about pork belly and I certainly won’t start here. Splendido’s was so smoky and moist, I wanted to take 4 more servings home with me. Joel’s second course was a raw arctic char dish which came with another favorite of mine, beets! Also on the plate was a smoked creme fraîche, giving the dish a rounded smoky flavor — a winner in Joel’s book!


Third course was pasta for both of us. Me with the biggest ravioli I’ve ever encountered — it literally was just one, perfectly stuffed with sweet squash, plate-sized ravioli. It was superb when topped with some more of that deliciously smoked pork. Joel’s pasta was just as amazing — a perfectly cooked risotto with corn and ‘peaches and cream’.

Our meal at Splendido changed my view of Canadian cuisine, but the service was just as I remember it — slow. I am a hurried New Yorker though!


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