Labor Day in Atlanta


For those of you who live in NY, you know that once Labor Day hits, the city suddenly becomes gray and chilly. To prepare ourselves, Joel and I made our way down to Atlanta to visit my family for the long weekend. Not only were we happy to be greeted by warmer temperatures, but we got to celebrate my dads birthday on Saturday with a delicious lemon cake that my mother baked, topped with fresh raspberries — so good!


When I head home, I plan on lots of eating because although everyone says it, my mom’s food actually IS the best! Therefore, I brought home plenty of fresh, local finds from the Union Square Green Market. My bounty included all things grillable (when there is a grill around, I will use it) — Grazin’ Acres fresh chorizo, a plethera of colorful summer squash, fresh garlic, the tiniest watermelon one ever did see, juicy baby tomatoes and strawberries. Combined with the amazing pork ribs my mother cooked all day Saturday as well as a coleslaw made with fresh serrano peppers that my brother had been growing, a feast was had by all!

Along with lots of cooking I did a bit of shopping with my sister and mother including my wedding dress! That’s right, now it’s REALLY official — the dress has been ordered and paid for, now Joel has to marry me.

The weather was beautiful, the food was fantastic and the company was perfect which made for a great close to the summer. Now back to the dreary north —


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