California Update


I was lucky enough to tag along with my parents to Napa Valley for a long weekend this week. I arrived in San Fransisco to meet up with my mother who flew in from Atlanta, and make the drive up north. We made our usual stop at the lovely Gloria Ferrer Winery to sample their deliciously refreshing sparkling wines and bask in their beautiful valley view. Aside from some beverage purchases, we each bought a bottle of their superb olive oil, made from the olive trees that line the vineyard’s entryway.Full of bubbles and almonds, we made our way to our hotel for the weekend, Auberge Du Soleil — the site of Joel and I’s wedding next summer. Auberge’s rooms were beautiful, wood floors and ceilings(!), California style decorations and their trademark orange color hinted throughout the room.


After a quick unpacking, my mother and I hopped into our bathing suits and made our way to the hotel’s pool, which is where I would spend the next 4 days. My days were mostly spent sunning and eating the deliciously fresh food served poolside. I also may have enjoyed some interesting cocktails and beautiful California wine — When in California!


Not all meals were served poolside. After my dad joined us mid-trip, we had an amazing meal at Bottega in Napa Valley. It was fantastic and a great way continue the trip with my dad. Along with Bottega, we went to a few Cindy Pawlcyn restaurants — Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen and Go Fish. Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen was one of the better meals I’ve had in a long time (see review), however her other restaurant, Go Fish, did disappoint. My parents and I ordered several fish dishes: me, the spicy tuna roll which was lacking the ‘spicy’, my dad the Black cod with miso which was actually not so bad (well cooked, just enough saltiness from the miso and served in a delicate salty broth), and my mom, the special lobster roll whihc was OK, but way to large for one bite. We will probably stick to Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen for any future Cindy Pawlcyn meals.

Another amazing California weekend was had — perfect weather, the smell of “The Crush” filled the air. Every time I go, it reminds me why we are getting married there!


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