Old Man in Amsterdam (Part 2)


The whirlwind weekend in Amsterdam was wrapped up by a day long tour of The Netherlands on Sunday. Sharon and I rose early and made our way to the bus, where we were told our tourguide would be speaking in 6 different languages — amazing! The tour essentially had 3 stops — 1: outside of Schipol airport for a shoe and cheese maker, 2: Rotterdam, 3: Delft and The Hague. The trip to Rotterman’s shoe and cheese shop was quick, and it was awesome. We watched as a shoe was carved and then were able to stock up on great Dutch cheese. FTW!

We did a moving tour of Rotterdam, which was fine by us. We got a great view of all the highlights — The large ports, the Cube Houses (above) the first “skyscraper” in The Netherlands, the Erasmus bridge and KPN Telecom Building by Renzo Piano, and more. The whole viewing was done in about 30 mins and we were off to Delft!

When we arrived in the Delft city square, we grabbed a good lunch at a cafe and then wandered the historic area marveling at the old buildings. Our tour continued at an actual Delft pottery shop — 1 of 2 authentic makers in the city. It was cool to see how the paint went from grey to the bright blue it’s famous for. We even picked up a small souvenir!


Next the bus rode to The Hague, where we first saw the Peace Palace and the North Sea from the window — Beautiful! The tour ended at a wonderful place called Madurodam, which was essentially Holland in miniature form. 25% to scale, to be exact. There were recreations of the airport, famous buildings and squares, power plants, and more. A recommended stop, for sure.


We ended the trip in the morning, and headed home — with plenty to remind us of the wonderful weekend!


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