Macbar, NoLita NYC


Part of staying late to change windows at Tiffany is a free dinner. My boss and I try to change it up every time (Shake Shack here, Tao there). This week’s meal brought us to Macbar in NoLita. Who wouldn’t want a gigantic bowl of hot mac and cheese for dinner?

The restaurant itself is very small, with minimalist decor — lots of yellow and graphic images and postcards representing the menu’s varying mac and cheese dishes. For our meal, we both chose the Four Cheese. It was delicious, packed with queso blanco, fontina, emmental, gouda. The gouda must have been smoked because the dish wafted the smell of bacon in my face on our way back to the office. Knowing my love for bacon, it taunted me the whole ride home.

Other selections from the menu were combos like the Mac Lobsta — tender chunks of fresh lobster, cognac, tarragon, mascarpone and the Mayan Chipotle — chicken diablo, chihuahua cheese, green onions. All sounded good, but when trying out a new mac and cheese joint, I have to stick as close to the classic.

Aside from the food and the decor, the packaging was very good. The ‘bowls’ the mac and cheese is served in are shaped like an elbow macaroni and of course, yellow. The silverware that came along with my to-go order was great — a fork and knife that fit together at the base to form a cylinder, again, representing the noodle.

I know I’ll certainly be back to try the other varieties. I recommend you do to!


One thought on “Macbar, NoLita NYC

  1. Prince St. in NYC will always be filled with delicious spots! You’ve got MacBar, Oficina Latina, and Hampton Chutney Co. all in one convenient location. There’s just something about getting those macaroni-shaped to-go containers at MacBar that will put a smile on your face every time.

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