Sharon picks up Loaf in ATL


My parents were generous enough to take Sophie to their home in Atlanta while Joel and I vacationed in Amsterdam for his birthday. That said, someone had to go and pick her up and bring her back to NYC. So, I made a quick trip down south to get the loaf. Although a short trip, it was still packed with things to do.

Aside from the movie watching and playing with Ziggy, My mom and I headed to one of my favorites for lunch, The Fickle Pickle. I enjoyed my go-to meal, the fried green tomato sandwich with Monterey jack cheese, a tomato jam and baby arugula, all on a soft piece of country bread — delicious! My mom went for the tasty pimento cheese and ham sandwich. Now, I’m not a real Southern girl, but I do likes me some Southern food and pimento cheese is one of those things I do not pass up.

After some light shopping, my mom and I headed to the local Whole Foods to pick out dinner. When we finished scouring the market, we agreed upon some great looking local (Gulf) fresh shrimp. My mom proceeded to make the most amazing, yet simple shrimp scampi dish. Cooked with copious amounts of lemon, butter and garlic, the shrimp was sweet and perfect, with a tangy dipping sauce for our locally baked bread from Theo’s Brother’s Bakery (my culinary alma mater!).


No trip to home is complete without a visit to the Super Target. Upon checking out, how delighted was I to see The Snuggie in person, filling an end cap at the check out line. Although all varieties deserved a photo, the “wild side” won over my camera. Oh Target, how I love you.

Sunday rolled around and it was time to fly back to NYC. With loaf in tow I said my goodbyes. I’ll be back for Thanksgiving!


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