Thanksgiving in Atlanta 2009

This year Sophie and I packed up our things and headed to Atlanta the day before Thanksgiving — I like to get home a bit early to start prepping for our family feast. After dropping Sophie off at my parents house, my mom, brother and I took off running, grabbing all of our last minute ingredients. So began three days of strait cooking!

As we do every year, the Martin women went up against the Martin men in a turkey competition: oven baked (us) versus deep fried (them). No clear cut winner this year with both turkeys tasting delicious! Sides included a fantastic, spicy andoullie sausage and rye bread stuffing, sweet potatoes with apples, silky mashed potatoes with freshly grated horseradish and a home made roast chicken gravy, beautifully roasted brussel sprouts, an apple torte, and freshly made pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream. Although every side amazing, a favorite stood out with everyone — pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream. To think, it was created out of botched pumpkin pie!

Aside from our Thanksgiving feast, my brother and I made the best flatbreads we’d ever tasted. Pizza dough brought straight from NYC replaced the flatbread receipe and was topped with aleppo pepper, thinly sliced pears, crumbled goat cheese and baby arugula. After cooking, a light drizzle of a tangy mustard cream made for a truly superb recipe that you can find here.

Another perfect Thanksgiving was put to rest in Atlanta. Filled with amazing meals such as my moms pear and ricotta breakfast or our delicious flat bread pizzas made more amazing by my brothers ‘dough tossing’ skills. I’m never disappointed when cooking ensues at The Martins!


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