Thanksgiving in Chicago 2009

With Sharon and Sophie in Atlanta, I took off to see my family in Chicago. I took a quick flight Thursday morning and the house was already about with activity for the feast. Mom had so many dishes cooking, it smelled wonderful! The turkey itself was huge, and there were more sides than it looked like room in the fridge.

Everyone began arriving around 2, with dinner planned at 5:30. Justin and I took a brief detour to meet the Fineberg dogs — Sargeant and Parker. So cute and well behaved! We got back to my folks’ right in time for service and it was fantastic. Delicious sweet potatoes, green beans, carrot ring, and so much more. I was stuffed.

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing — and we had the usual Lou Malnati’s pizza while catching up on movies. It was great to see the family, tell the latest wedding details, and run outside.


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