Sharon’s seasonal bounty

Lucky me, Sharon has been inspired by the veggies in season! I’ve been eating so well, I had to share some recent delicious meals — starting with a vegetarian chili. This was a bean and corn based mixture that was very spicy, just how I like it! The quinoa and tomatoes made it feel like there was meat inside somewhere, it was hardly missed.

Next up was a sweet potato gnocchi made from scratch.  A touch of nutmeg and the crispy sage added such complexity to the dish it was hard to stop eating each light fluffy bite.

This sweet and savory combination was some soy-glazed wild salmon over noodles and Asian-inspired peanut sauce. The whole wheat pasta is served cold and provides the perfect bed to this filling and flavorful meal.

Last, a recent instant classic was butternut squash risotto topped with crispy shrimp in a cornmeal crust. The sweet squash paired beautifully with the delicate risotto. The texture of the slightly crispy shrimp on top was a great contrast to the smoothness underneath. Sharon made this meal for two nights in a row which gave me a happy smile on my face!


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