Christmas in Atlanta (Jew’s 3rd Xmas) 2009

Joel and I headed down south once again for his third Christmas. This year we felt like Santa as we packed our suitcases FULL of gifts. Upon arrival, we were greeted by my parents as well as my mom’s amazingly festive decorating and her beautiful tree.

As usual, right off the bat my family and I got to cooking — shrimp scampi here, goat cheese pizzas there. All culminating with my mom’s traditional Christmas dinner — a deliciously moist and perfectly seasoned rib roast purchased from our favorite meat purveyor, Star Provisions. Sided with tender, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted vegetables and superb, cheesy twice-baked potatoes. To end our holiday indulging, my mom paired her plethora of delicious homemade treats with my chocolate mint and pretzel bark. Another fantastic holiday meal but to rest!

After desert, another holiday tradition occurred — Taboo! A few of our friends came over and gathered in the basement to try their hand at beating Team Martin. Many laughs were had and many losing attempts were made but Team Martin came out on top again.

Full and tired from all of the food and beverages had all week, the whole family decided it was the right time to see James Cameron’s Avatar, in 3D IMAX of course! Although not an IMAX like we have in New York, it did the job. The movie was beautiful; the graphics were phenomenal. The purple world and the story line that was portrayed was a perfect mix of Furn Gully and Dances with Wolves. I was almost disappointed to leave the movie theater into the boring world outside!

Another amazing Christmas was had by all — amazing food, great family fun, fantastic gifts. I say we do it again next year Joel!


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