Staying Warmer Inside

Sharon gets inspired to make pasta from scratch every once in a while — and I benefit! Above are home made tortellini with a ricotta and spinach filling. The little pillows were bursting with flavor and I enjoyed every bite.

Sharon brought home a pumpkin spiced pancake mix from Atlanta over Christmas and we tried it out for a hearty weekend brunch. The flapjacks were sweet and savory, with the maple syrup filling the nooks and crannies nicely. Combined with fresh bacon and fluffy goat cheese laced eggs, it was a breakfast to remember!

I also got Sharon Beard on Bread for Christmas, as she has wanted to make her own loaves for some time now. So far, 2 down with a tasty, plain white bread and a nice whole wheat. The kitchen is smelling amazing this winter, as we stay toasty inside!


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