Home Cooking in Winter

I’ve mentioned to Sharon recently that I feel like I’m spoiled — I live in a fine-dining restaurant, with built-in bakery to boot! This winter, Sharon continues to cook up delightful treats, like the pretzel-bread mini-loafs above; and the following below:

With some fresh, wheat pizza dough from Whole Foods, Sharon is able to toss together a mighty winter pie to enjoy — on top is some chorizo from Murray’s Real Salami in Grand Central Market. Sprinkled about is also some roasted red peppers and nutty Manchego cheese.

This is a wonderful Cobb Salad from Nigela Lawson. Crispy bacon flakes with sweet nuggets of corn add a great texture and flavor with every bite.

Who doesn’t love a hot dog piled high with just-made guacamole, bacon and salsa on top. Each heaping bite was loaded with sweet and savory juices — it was hard stop devouring once we started! On the side is some lightly crisped potatoes which complemented the dog perfectly.


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