Sharon’s Dress Fitting in ATL

Recently, I made my way to Atlanta to have my first fitting and enjoy some of my mother’s food. …and, it’s official — the dress fits! Even after months of waiting and eating, I managed to stay the proper weight to fit into my wedding dress.

It was a short visit, but packed with doings’ nonetheless! To start, I had my dress fitting at the lovely Priscilla of Boston. My consultant, Megan, was on hand to help out and make sure everything went well — and it did; Only a few minor alterations (taking it in!) and I’ll be ready to go for our ‘not too far’ June wedding.

After the fitting, my mother, sister and I had lunch at the Buckhead Diner — which is fashioned after a retro diner. We had a great meal that included champagne, fish and chips, delicious tomato soup and SNOW! I thought I had left the snow in NYC but it followed me! Atlanta never gets snow and is not prepared for it, so it was important that we get off of the streets and home to the fireplace.

The rest of the weekend involved the usual — playing with Ziggy, drinking more champagne, delicious maple glazed meatloaf and watching movies (“The Invention of Lying” — has an amazing beginning but peaks at 5 minutes in).

As always, I had a great weekend and will be back in a few more for the final fitting and wedding shoe shopping with Sophie in tow!


One thought on “Sharon’s Dress Fitting in ATL

  1. Hi Sharon, I hope you are enjoying this exciting time with your mom and with Jessica. It was a wonderful time for Kristi and I and I still think about all the fun we had and the end result. I am so happy for you and if there is anything I can do to help let me know. Can’t wait to see you.


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