Happy Valentine’s 2010!

With Sharon returning from Atlanta on Sunday, I wanted to make sure I had something special planned for her arrival.

Every Friday night, the Food Network serves up a new ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate’ — the latest episode about chocolate! Very timely, indeed. Claire Robinson goes on to talk about Kee’s Chocolates, in SoHo. All handmade, the crown jewel being the Creme Brulée. The chocolates looked so good and fresh, I knew they would be perfect.

I woke up Saturday and walked to Kee’s, which opened at 11AM. When I got there at 11:15, There was already a line out the door. It’s a tiny space with all sorts of magical chocolate bon bons inside. By the time I reached the inside, I heard the Creme Brulées were SOLD OUT. Disappointed, I continued to wait since there were other tasty looking treats. About 30 more minutes passed and I reached the ordering counter — and Kee herself brought out 5 more Creme Brulées!

I brought home a great Valentine’s surprise, which Sharon enjoyed immensely. She also surprised ME, with some of her always fantastic Greek Shrimp and a special homemade molten chocolate cake desert. YUM!


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