Visiting Rachael and Justin in DC

We went for a quick visit to DC this weekend to see my cousin Justin and his wife Rachael. They will be proud parents soon, and we wanted to spend some time with them beforehand. Sharon had also never been to DC, so there was lots to do and see!

We took the Bolt Bus down, which got us there safely and comfortably in about 4 hours. Upon arrival Friday night to Union Station, Justin met us and we went straight to dinner at Matchbox — a fantastic pizza joint only one stop away.

We headed back to North Bethesda afterward, to Justin and Rachael’s lovely apartment. We got some good rest before the busy Saturday we had planned!

We got up early and headed downtown once again. Justin, Sharon and I had a hit-list of about 13 sights to see — Starting at the Capital and ending up at the White House before dinner.

It was a whirlwind tour, but the weather was great and our feet kept up reasonably well. Some of the highlights were the amazing Visitor Center at the Capital, the Library of Congress‘ amazing interactive displays and art, walking to the Jefferson Monument and watching someone get wet in the partially-frozen Reflecting Pool!

Photos on Facebook here.

We dined that evening at Oyamel — and we earned every tasty bite! It was a great 8-hour day on our feet and Sharon really got a feel for the history of the city. Rachael, Justin, Sharon and I made our way back to relax that night by playing some Wii Sports Resort before eventually crashing.

The bus left early on Sunday, and we said goodbye to our gracious hosts. It was a short visit — but we’ll definitely be back!


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