Good Stuff Eatery, Capitol Hill DC

Joel and I are big Top Chef fans. When we discovered we’d be near one of the contestant’s restaurants this weekend, we made sure to stop by. The place was Good Stuff Eatery by Spike Mendelsohn (Season 4) who’s specialty is hamburgers — Deliciously good hamburgers.

For our meal, I chose the Farmhouse Cheese; a moist and perfectly cooked cheese burger on a deliciously smooshy bun and the seasonal Sam Adams Noble Pils, which was crisp and tasted of grapefruit. Joel went a bit further with the ‘Colletti’s Smokehouse’. Covered in smoky chipotle sauce, fried onions and Vermont cheddar cheese — it was unbelievable.

Aside from the great hamburgers, they have a side of fresh hand-cut fries. The fries themselves were not that special but pair them with the plethora of dipping sauces, and it was a meal made in heaven! Some of the sauces included a chipotle mayo, Sriracha mayo (our favorite), and old bay mayo.

Good Stuff Eatery is no Shake Shack, but I’m already craving that smoky burger just writing this!


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