Daniel Boulud Brasserie, Las Vegas NV

While visiting Las Vegas, Joel and I wanted to eat well — not your typical $5.99 buffet. For our first meal, we made our way over to The Wynn to visit Daniel Boulud Brasserie. We’d heard that the food was delicious and the view was one of the best in Vegas. That said, we asked for a table by the window with a view of the The Wynn’s lake. We were told that every 30 minutes, a new show would appear on the water and we didn’t want to miss it!

After looking over the somewhat limited menu, we made our choices. I knew that I would be dining on meat that night and thought a light Caesar salad was the way to begin my meal. The salad was what you’d expect and I liked that. When I order a Caesar, I don’t want whole lettuce leaves plated with a teaspoon of dressing and a shaving of cheese. I want to taste my food, not try it. In other words, Daniel did it right and it was a good start. Joel ordered the French onion soup which was delicious — hearty, warm, beefy and covered with copious amounts of stringy Gruyere cheese.

Joel and I have heard about the notorious DB Burger and to our surprise, it was served here. Joel opted for the burger and I, the steak frites. Joel liked is burger but didn’t love it. For one thing, it’s huge; impossible to get in one full bite at a time. And with all that meat including foie gras, you’d think moisture would be abound but it was not. The burger was dry, dry, dry.

My steak frities were okay as well. The actual steak was massive. I expect a fairly thin, easy-to-cut, piece of meat for my steak frites and this meat was tough and thick. I was also not impressed with the frites. These were hand cut, which is usually not a bad thing, except when you want to sop up the delicious meat juiciness. With that said, the only good part about my dish was the actual sauce — a light, red wine shallot sauce, it was easy on the tongue and very flavorful.

Dessert was next and it was very good — chocolate molten cake with peanut butter ice cream. The presentation was beautiful and the flavors melded well. How could you go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter?

For all the hype and Daniel Boulud’s reputation, our meal wasn’t up to par. It makes me almost want to skip Daniel in NYC.

Desert was best part.


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