Bouchon, Las Vegas NV

After a so-so meal at Daniel Boulud’s the night before, we were hoping for a great meal from another celebrity chef, Thomas Keller at his restaurant Bouchon, Las Vegas. We had arranged to see an early show that night so our meal was planned a bit earlier than usual — nonetheless, the restaurant was busy.

We started the night out some fantastic drinks: the Proper Irish and Vieux Carre. Both were full of interesting flavors. The menu was a bit more involved than the night before and the choices were too good! I had a hard time deciding until the server informed us of a special they had that night: Green Garlic Tortellini. And I break for green garlic! It was like eating Spring in a bowl with super fresh peas, silky smooth and subtly spicy garlic gnocchi. Joel’s starter was not to be forgotten either — Saucisson de Poitrine de Porc (pork belly sausage). Delicate and smooth, the bacon’s smoke and the date’s sweetness made it a great way to begin the meal.

For our main course, I couldn’t help myself, and went with the Bouchon version of Steak Frites. I can start by saying it was the right choice and immensely better than Daniel Boulud’s version. The meat was fork tender at medium rare and topped with a creamy herbed maître d’hotel butter that paired perfectly with the frites (which were cut as they should be — shoestring style)

Joel had an amazing dish as well — Saumon Poele. It was a delicately roasted salmon fillet served with the flavors of early Spring such as mushrooms, fava beans and bacon. The smokiness from the bacon, the lightness of the fish and the tenderness from the fava beans made for a perfectly complimentary plate.

After all of that great food, one would think there is no room left. However, Joel and I found the room for the restaurants namesake bouchons. Each bouchon was topped with a smooth and creamy scoop of varying ice cream which contrasted just right to the ‘just baked’ bouchons. A few espressos on the side and we were satisfied!

Thomas Keller did not disappoint when it came to the food, and I wouldn’t expect him to. The actual restaurant was done right — in typical bistro fare, including the beautifully displayed raw bar near the front entrance. Our only complaints may have been the portion size (my plate was half potatoes, and they were BIG plates) as well as the service. The server was a bit lack luster and drifted away at times for far too long. Other than that, a meal well received here at Fishmix.


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