The Slanted Door, San Francisco CA

The Slanted Door had come highly recommended by my parents who frequent it whenever the head to the West Coast. My mother knows good food and this recommendation confirmed that once again! We arrived to a loud and lively atmosphere that made us think we were in for a good night.

California, especially Northern California, is known for their seasonal, local food and The Slanted Door takes full advantage of all the fresh ingredients daily. To begin, we both sampled a delicious beverage each — Joel the Whiskey Smash and I, the Tangerine Caipharinha. We were both big fans of the caipharinha. It was fresh, flavorful, tangy. A great start.

After drinks, we mulled over the immense menu which was impossible to choose from — Vietnamese inspired and packed with California ingredients. After MUCH debating, we chose our courses which were larger and meant to be shared.

First up — a selection of West Coast oysters. Joel picked them out and enjoyed them himself as I am no fan of the oyster. My choice was the Slanted Door Spring Rolls. They were so light and fresh and packed with a surprise; Berkshire pork slices! Dipped into a very spicy peanut sauce, it really started the meal off with a bang.

On to our much anticipated main course, we were served Caramelized Tiger Prawns with glazed onions, and Pork Chops. Both dishes were out of this world. The shrimp and onions were so sweet and tangy we savored every bite. The pork chops were the definite winner — cooked perfectly, they tasted fantastic with a sweet soy glaze and the char from the grill (GRILL!).

Not to be forgotten were our splendid sides that complimented the prawns and pork perfectly. Another winner was the spicy broccoli with silken tofu pieces. The spice was right on par and went to so well with everything. We chose to mix pieces of the broccoli with a bit of brown rice and the luscious sauce from the prawns. What a meal!

Last but definitely not least was dessert. We opted for the simple cookie plate but were surprised with… birthday meringue pie! Apparently everyone in San Francisco were celebrating their birthdays at the amazing Slanted Door and I was mistaken for one of them. Although I told them it wasn’t my actual birthday, they let us keep the pie and it was so damn good! Silky lemony custard with a crumbly graham cracker crust, it was such a great finish to one of the best meals I’ve had yet!

The Slanted Door surpassed our expectations — the food, the drinks, the view, the service were all commendable. The ingredients were fresh. And even the plates were made locally! We will make sure to keep this as a California destination whenever we head out to the West Coast.


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