San Francisco Visit — Day 2

The day started early, we were off to our engagement shoot with Michelle Walker! Sharon had picked a really cool spot for the shoot — Musée Mechanique on Fisherman’s Wharf. Looking sharp, we headed to the Hyde Street cable car and hopped on board. Another great ride up and down the hills of San Francisco — ending up on the other side of the city. Michelle promptly got shooting and we had a great session. It was so much fun!

The famous Boudin Bakery had an outpost in the wharf, and the sourdough smell had Sharon’s name on it. We stepped inside the restaurant and were greeted by several menu choices around Dungeness Crab, which was in season. Sharon isn’t a huge crab fan but loved the fresh, sweet crabmeat in both my mac & cheese and her sourdough soup bowl. Needing desert we walked down the wharf towards Ghiradelli Square — but not before picking up some saltwater taffy!

After enjoying a fantastic chocolate sundae, we also needed to do some cupcake tasting at Kara’s Cupcakes. The location in the square didn’t have mini versions so we trekked over to the Scott Street spot. Worth the walk, we indulged in over 12 unbelievable cupcake flavor combinations. Slowly we narrowed the choice down to 6 for wedding — not an easy thing! We then headed back slowly towards the wharf, again enjoying the beautiful weather.

Lombard street was towards the end of the stroll and we were able to capture the crooked road here:

Still in our engagement shoot clothes, we were ready to head back and change.

Instead of the Cable Car, we took a Streetcar home. The route pulled us around the harbor and up Market Street — another great ride! We changed quickly and headed across the street to Farallon. Since it was still happy hour, we enjoyed some more Anchor Steam before sitting down to dinner. Farallon’s specialty is fish and they did NOT let us down. The fantastic Kusshi oysters I slurped down kicked off a great meal.

Once again we headed back to the Westin, but not without a nightcap at The Clock Bar. Another wonderful day in the city, we had more adventures in the morning!


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