We’re Back… and Married!!!

Who knew that planning our own destination would become our other full time job. And that it did – every moment not spent at work was spent hiring and dealing with vendors, food and booze choices, honeymoon planning (Hawaii!), weekend dance lessons and so on, hence the very long blogging hiatus.

But after all was said and done, we’re back! And WE’RE MARRIED! Joel and I were married on June 4th in Rutherford, California at Auberge du Soleil. Now, I haven’t been to many weddings and I may be a bit biased — but I think our wedding was the most amazing rockin’ wedding of all time. Highlight include:

  • All our family and friends making the trip to Northern California
  • No rain (!)
  • Amazingly similar personal vows
  • Napa Valley wine flights, whiskey, cigars
  • Seriously delicious wedding food that didn’t taste like wedding food (You go Auberge and your Michelin rating!)
  • Dancing to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ and Sugar Hill Gangs’ ‘Apache’ (Jump On It!)
  • Cupcakes and a passion fruit personal wedding cake
  • Ending the night with Daft Punks’ “One More Time’

See, I told you – it was truly rockin’ and amazing. All that balled up into one night. We are so awesome that we even made the New York Times which you can view here.

After spending the most incredible evening with my love and our family and friends, Joel and I stayed at Auberge for the weekend and spent countless hours by the pool relaxing. Finally.

And as if pool time wasn’t enough, Joel and I traveled the 5 hours to Hawaii from San Francisco (as compared to the trip back to NY clocking in at 12 hours) for beach time!

Let the honeymoon begin. But in the meantime, bask in the all of our happiness – here.


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