Honeymoon in Hawaii Part I

After a week and a wedding in Napa Valley, California Joel and I left to spend 8 days on The Big Island, Hawaii at Kona Village Resort in our own personal hale ON the beach. It was everything we could have wanted in a honeymoon – beautiful beach, constant sun, amazing fresh food and a crystal clear ocean.It was the most relaxed we had been yet.

Our days began with a 6:00am wake up call from the islands own Franklin birds. Franklins  look and sound like a cross between a turkey and a quail and make the most amazing noises. After waking up, we would arrive for breakfast of fresh island papaya, mangos and a Japanese breakfast. There is nothing I love more than eating tamagoyaki and grilled salmon for breakfast, seriously.

After breakfast, on to the beach. So began the rotisserating and soon after, Piña Coladas. All leading up to our next activity – lunch! Joel and I would eat a plethora of foods for lunch including his daily 10+ pieces of fresh tuna sashimi and my salads of Wimea baby lettuces. Hawaii is amazing in that almost everything you could ever want to eat is grown, created, or produced somewhere on one of the islands. Talk about local!

After lunch we would spend time walking through the resort always with a stop at the Nene bird’s cage. Nenes are very friendly and, like the Franklins, make funny noises. I apparently have a soft spot in my heart for funny noise making birds. After walking, we swim and kayak! Ocean kayaking is the best and highly recommended. After many meals it is an amazing upper body work out and you feel so free in the wide open ocean.

At Kona Village there isn’t much to do but sit on the beach and wait to eat again — not that I’m complaining at all. Along with the crazy amounts of food, beverages, water sports and beach time comes the most amazing dinner ever. Local fishes and locally raised cattle are on the menu that changes daily. Everything is the best thing you’ll ever eat, until the following night. Smoked ribeyes that taste of smoky goodness, o’paka paka fish, Kona coffee ice cream…

I promise we did do other things aside from eating, including leaving the resort for one day. But that is to come in Part II.


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