Honeymoon in Hawaii Part II

Aside from all of the delectable dishes that Joel and I indulged in, we did spend time in the actual ocean and around the beautiful Big Island.

Joel took to snorkeling as the resort has its very own reef! I on the other hand enjoyed more sun time because snorkeling is my nightmare. I said it. I realize that everyone loves to snorkel but I feel like death when I try. Humans aren’t meant to breath underwater! When I try to snorkel I end up being that girl who is splashing around uncontrollable trying to stay afloat and in the meantime my air tube is filling with water, prolonging the death-like feel. That said, I’d rather sit on the beach and watch Joel enjoy himself.

We had the opportunity to rent a car and drive around the island. As we had been to the Big Island before and visited the amazing Volcanoes National Park, we opted for a more secluded destination – the Green Sand Beach. We drove along the only road around the island which went from lushly covered landscapes to moon-like volcanic ash. The drive itself was worth the rental. After about an hour of driving we came upon the road to the fabled Green Sand Beach as well as the most southern point in the US. Both rides were a bit bumpy, but getting to the Green Sand Beach takes the cake. One cannot actually drive right to the beach. You must hike (and I mean HIKE) a good 2 hours against the most insane winds you’ll ever encounter on the ground. After the struggling hike, you come upon a beautiful, hidden beach with an olive-green sand beach. It was quite a feat to finally make it there and the beach itself was pretty cool. However, the actual beach was down a cliff, past some bluffs, etc, etc, etc. In other words, we weren’t heading down and grabbed some pictures from above. Done!

After the amazing hike of the century, Joel and I decided it was time for an ice-cold beer. We headed into the town of Kona to visit the brewery of one of our favorite beersKona Brewing Company. We had missed their tour but were happy to sit down and sip some of their cold, seasonal beers. We both opted for the tasting flight which was fantastic. We tried beers that never leave the island and it was the perfect end to our already awesome day. We grabbed two bottles to go of their new Oceanic Organic and went on our merry way back to paradise. Back to beach, food, serenity and sun.

Our honeymoon was as glamorous and unforgettable as it sounds. A trip of a lifetime to start out our new lives together.


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