Wedding Resources

Since we did spend so much of the past year planning a wedding, I thought it simply a waste to put all of our knowledge and information to bed once the beautiful event elapsed. That said, we want to share some of our favorite resources for inspiration, invites and actual ‘props’ if you will. I hope these links do you as much good as they did for me.


All things inspirational (also good to look at the sponsors on the sidebar for ideas as well as the site’s favorite links):

Best source for vintage anything and amazing handmade goodies:

One last wedding note, and I’m (sadly) done – We had been told by several people that you must stop and enjoy your actual wedding after all that you put into it, as it goes by in a flash. Our wedding was no different. You MUST stop. And take a breath. Enjoy your masterpiece and the event that brought everyone from that Uncle you never see to your jaded lovelorn friends, together.

Remember that you’re ultimately there to celebrate you and yours love for each other! Enjoy it!!!


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