I’m a housewife?

Let me just start by saying that before we left for our wedding, I quit Tiffany & Co. Design-wise we just weren’t getting along anymore and being that great design is what I do and what I live for, our relationship wasn’t working. So we broke up and I left and married my true love, Joel.

It has been about a month since I quit. I’ve had some freelance work here and there which is a great thing about New York. It allows me to still make some money but to also have free time to get the stuff done that I’ve been putting off since well before the wedding. Some of those things include:

  • Learn French on Rosetta Stone (A Christmas gift from my parents. Yep, it’s been that long)
  • Make new jewelry pieces to sell and get them photographed, put them online
  • Break out my sewing machine and make pillows with the piles of upholstery fabric backing up in our closet
  • Visit Governors Island via the ferry
  • Visit as many museums during the week as possible
  • Use all of our wedding gift kitchen items to create amazing meals from Green Market bounty.
  • Continue writing my ‘will be totally awesome’ book
  • Go to  the beach

So far I’m still chugging along on some of the above, but I have accomplished a couple items. I did go to the beach. Our friend Bri and I trekked it out to Coney island. I did see a razor blade on the beach, but that didn’t stop me from setting up shop (you take what you get here in the city). We also ate at Nathan’s Famous, as you do when you go to Coney Island. Some other interesting finds included an inordinate amount of plastic sun umbrella wrappers, 1 crab and many people who shouldn’t don a two piece. All in all a worth while visit.

Next up, museum visits. Joel and I took a trip to the MET to see the Picasso exhibit which proved worthy of the long journey north. The collection was countless and the set up, simple but appreciative. A stand out section of the actual exhibit were the videos that detailed how Picasso would reuse canvases over and over. The videos showed x-rays of what was once there compared to what the paintings contained today. Very cool to say the least. After Picasso we ventured to the MET’s room, which is fantastic in itself – amazing central city views. The roof has had an exhibit built into it for months now called Big Bambu. The exhibit is pretty awe-inspiring. Layers and layers of bamboo cover the roof in a forest like structure with a stairway to the top built in. Another kudos to the MET for utilizing their space well.

Last but not least, I am cooking up a storm. Aside from my great love of food and cooking, I’m trying to distract Joel with amazing meals so he forgets that I’m not fully employed.


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