Fourth of July New York Style

For the first time in years Joel and I stayed in New York for the 4th to celebrate ‘Mericas birthday and I think we did our country proud. It was a hot one in the city but that stopped no one from getting outside and grilling up a storm. If you are a first time reader, please keep in mind that after Joel, my family and Sophie, the grill is my other love.

Lucky for us, our friend Rob is a grill-master and made us a plethora of grilled meats, as any ‘Merican loving patriot would do. Such delicacies included burgers (perfectly seasoned I might add), steaks, sweet and hot sausages, zucchinis, corn, and hot dogs. All were amazing, because Rob cooked them for us, but also because they were grilled.

After a meat and beer filled afternoon and some ‘running through the fire hydrant in Brooklyn action’, Joel and I headed over to our friend Pete’s roof for some firework action. More beer, watermelon, cupcakes and friends joined us as we rang in another great holiday in New York.

Your postal service may disappoint me on more than one occasion but I still have feelings for you – Happy Birthday America!


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