Big Day Out in Brooklyn

Joel and I have been trying to find the time to take the ferry over to IKEA, not necessarily to go to IKEA, but for the great views and the easier access to no mans land Brooklyn – Red Hook. After wondering aimlessly by the South Street Seaport, we made the decision to finally just do it. The ferry got us to the south of Brooklyn in no time with great views of lower Manhattan, Governors Island (next ferry ride on our list!) and the Statue of Liberty.

When we arrived at the IKEA dock, we decided that since we’re here, we may as well check it out. But not yet, first a stop for food (typical). We wandered over the heated cobblestone streets until we came upon Baked. Baked is a bakery which was mentioned on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, a show on The Food Network. Since we never pass up food let alone brownies, we bought 2 of their Salty and Sweet chocolate brownies. Unfortunately we were unimpressed. Where’s the moisture and the salty goodness I expected? It was a lackluster brownie and Joel and I immediately regretting getting two. Not to say that we didn’t eat the other one.

We then headed back towards IKEA. We grabbed some cool pictures of the old buses housed in an MTA bus depot and onward we went to Swedish home central.

I have never been to an IKEA and I was overwhelmed to say the least. Joel was calm and collected as usual so I gripped his arm as he lead me through the crowds and made the observation that there were an “usually large amount of pregnant women here.” Agreed.

We came out after about an hour with only the necessities: 1 sheepskin rug ($24.99, score!), batteries, picture frames, Lingonberry jam (from the Swedish food market) and tea lights. Success was ours as we made our way to the ferry for some more great city views and a ride back home.


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