Museum of American Finance, FiDi

I still have a good amount of free time during the week so Joel suggested I visit the Museum of Finance located on Wall Street. He’d read that between 10:00am and 11:00am, the admission is free. I’ve never been that interested in going, let alone paying full admission price, so a free visit was good enough reason for me.

Located in the old Bank of New York building, the Museum of Finance has kept most of the historic interior, in fact they play it up in their very own Alexander Hamilton room. To my surprise, the rest of the museum contained interesting exhibits. One such special exhibit was called Scandal! It detailed the many finical scandals that shook America from as early as 1792 and ending with Bernie Madoff.

Another great exhibit included the different monies used over the past century; they even had a real ‘wooden nickle’ from the Depression! As well as actual money, there was a large display of how money is made and traded within the Stock Exchange.

Display cases contained original Bonds from wartime (one even adorned with Disney characters as to make it more appealing), the first issues of Fortune (which were in the Art Deco style and surprisingly beautiful), and vintage Wall Street posters and photographs.

I must say I was skeptical after seeing several Wall Street ‘blue shirts’ head into the museum before me, but the trip was worth it. I learned much about our nations finical past as well as how to read the stock pages in finical papers!


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