Mamma Martin Visits New York City

It was another fun and food filled visit when Mom Martin made her way to New York City this week. Again, I had free weekday time so many adventures unfolded throughout the week.

To begin, my mom checked in at the semi-new Andaz Wall Street, as to be closer to us for the stay. The hotel is pretty chic looking from the lobby and it has an all natural and organic restaurant and bar (more on my review of the hotel seen here). After a check in at the hotel and a visit with the super cute Sophie-loaf, we headed to get ready for beverages and a meal at Pulino’s on Bowery.

Pulino’s is a new, hip and extremely loud restaurant that serves up pizza and Italian inspired dishes. We opted for a local beer – Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold as well a crispy crust pizza with cheese, basil, jalapeno’s and meatballs which made for a delicious meal.

Next up, more food! The following day, my mom and I wondered the city and shopped as two girls in NY should do. We then met up with Joel and after a few drinks at the Andaz’s bar, Bar Seven Five, we settled down for a upscale yet home-style Italian meal at SD26. SD26 had a bit of power lunch look to it, but the food was down home Italian made possible by Tony and Marisa May.

Day three and more shopping was on the menu as well as a visit to our all time favorite – Eleven Madison Park. Perfect as always, we enjoyed cheeses (Aria!), seasonal treats, delicious and perfectly paired wines and fresh meats and fish.

Once again, a perfect visit with mom filled with shopping, laughing and food!


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