Andaz Wall Street (Rooms, Bar and Green Market!)

The Andaz on Wall Street has been opened for quite some time now, but we really had never ventured there until last week. My mother came to visit and decided to stay there as it is right down the street from us. The Andaz is actually a chain hotel by Hyatt, yet it doesn’t have that big hotel feel. You enter into a modern lobby and are greeted right away by someone to check you in via portable computers.

The rooms themselves are modern as well. Very simple with few pieces of furniture and art of the walls. The food and beverages, with the exception of alcoholic drinks, are complementarity and actually something you would eat (Terra chips and Organic Black Iced Tea). My mother’s room was the Andaz XL King. it was big enough to throw a party in and bigger than our apartment (!). All of the XL King’s are on the corners of the building which allows for great light.

The only real complaints were that her room was right below the gym of the adjoining condos and a treadmill went on at 6:00 in the morning, every morning and the constant pounding was not what she needed after a night of eating and drinking. The bed too was modern and turned out to be incredibly stiff.

On the other hand, the hotels bar, Bar Five Seven, is great. Not your traditional bar, they make the drinks at an open area table and pour them right at your seat. Small plates made with local ingredients are also available with your drinks such as charcuterie and cheese and pickled vegetables. Aside from the drinks and food, the staff is knowledgeable and attentive.

Lastly, The Andaz Wall Street has hopped on the local foods movement by adding a Saturday Farmers Market. That was great news to us as it would be a few blocks away and no train ride! The market is small but mighty. Fresh cheeses, veggies, chickens and more.

The Andaz is a welcome addition to FiDi. We’ll definitely be back if only for the drinks…


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