Mad Men Season 4 Premiere Party

Joel and I had been very excited about the new season of Mad Men. So much so, that we here at Cafe Martin decided to throw a Mad Men Season 4 Premiere party! The facebook invite went out, my mom handed over some old cookbooks and clothing and we were on our way.

Everyone arrived in their best 60’s style clothing and was ready to party! Joel found some great Man Men era music, we had the last season playing on the TV – we were off to  great start. We decided to keep the party within the times of the new season so I whipped up some retro treats, with a modern twist: chipotle deviled eggs, ham, cheese and pickle roll ups, spiced nuts, pigs in a blanket, olives and cheese cubes (with toothpicks!) and caramelized onion dip served with veggies and potato chips. Yum!

We couldn’t have a Mad Men party without the drinks. Not a hard choice for us, we made whiskey based beverages including our favorite, Blood and Sand as well as Manhattan’s and Old Fashioned’s. I’m pretty sure they all went over well, I even had a lemon twist for the Old Fashioned.

When the show finally premiered, we happily watched as Don Draper headed the new agency and reminded us why we loved the show so much to begin with. A great season opener was followed by peanut butter pie as well as some cupcakes courtesy of our friend Rachel and more drinks.

Retro fun was had by all – perhaps we’ll do it every weekend!


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