Good Beer at BAM, Brooklyn

While Joel was checking Twitter, he read by way of the Brooklyn Brewery that there was a beer festival taking place that night. Now, we are not one for the terribly crowded beer festivals that NY usually turns out, but Good Beer at BAM was unlike any other beer festival.

It was amazing. All local beers were paired with delicious local eats. Our personal favorites of the evening were Luke’s Lobster who served up incredible shrimp rolls (delicately sweet shrimp, butter, perfectly seasoned mayo and a buttered, toasted bun) alongside Peak Organic Summer Session Ale. Also very notable dishes were from The Good Fork (perfectly tender pork shoulder with Korean flavors), and Fette Sau (beef brisket with a deliciously spicy jalapeno sauce). Other great beers included Sixpoint’s Signal Ale, Ommegang, and Fire Island Brewing Co.

In the end, Joel and I were happy to sample tasty treats from several restaurants we hadn’t been to, but had always wanted to visit. The beer pairings were all spot on and the crowd was minimal and under control. It was the best $40 we spent all summer long. Thank you Edible Magazine and The Good Beer Seal for your Good Beer month!


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