Frites ‘N’ Meats

Today, I was tempted by the Frites ‘N’ Meats truck. Grass-fed burgers called to me so I made the trek to the very tip of Manhattan for my meal. They often call upon FiDi for their spot of the day but that only means that you are in direct lunch competition with the ubiquitous and overbearing ‘Blue Shirts’ of Wall Street.

I took my chances and the line was not so long considering they were in front of a Chase office building. I went for a grass-fed burger with cheddar, mayo, ketchup and field greens on a potato-onion bun with frites of course. But lets stop right there – I know your busy guys, but why give a choice if you don’t get it right? My bun was not the potato-onion that I had longed for but rather a brioche (yes, I still ate it).

The burger and toppings were OK. Some people prefer grass-fed to corn and grain fed meat. I’m impartial, I’ll eat them all and enjoy them while I’m at it. That said, I want whatever meat it is to not be full of gristle, as was the case.

For the frites, I’ll give thumbs down. They are $3.00 for an unsubstantial amount and my horseradish aioli dipping sauce, which I paid $.50 for, was lackluster. When I order a horseradish anything, I want to be sucker punched in the face by the potency of the horseradish. Their aioi gave me but a slight tap.

The burger was OK, but not good enough for a re-visit. There are many food tucks in the city to try and I’ll be moving on after this one.


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