Procrastination is fun!

I’ve been hoarding some great links. Not on purpose, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to share. Who am I kidding? I just forgot. So here, finally, is some awesomeness to end your day –

  • New species!? I am in LOVE with the ocean and all its beautiful mysteries, especially octopuses. I think they are the most ridiculously odd sea creatures and I can’t get enough of them! So imagine my joy when I found out a whole new species was discovered! I mean c’mon, look at those eyes. Read more here.
  • I want one of these. So simple and so pretty.
  • This is insane. Games and guns all in one nifty cube? Awesome!
  • Interesting idea for sharing… ideas! And other files.
  • Along with oceanic creatures, candy corn and all things historic, I also love ironing. This beauty makes me want to break out that ironing board and iron everything in the closet, including the sheets.
  • Last but certainly not least, this blog is worth a very much worth a gander.

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